This Is How To Maintain Computer Monitor

There are several ways that can be applied to care for a computer monitor. Among them Place a screen protector. The protective layer for the screen is made of durable materials. It protects the layer of LED or LCD during use. For example, from dust or accidental scratches. Screen protectors are usually sold in computer stores. However, if your PC monitor suffers from severe damage, we suggest you bring it to a trusted PC Repair store.

Another way, which is cleaned using a wet tissue, then dried immediately. When doing so, be careful not to hit the screen. It can also use a screen cleaner that is widely sold in computer accessories stores.

You must unplug its electric plug if you don’t use it for a long time. The goal, so that the power supply contained in the monitor can ‘rest’. Keep away from magnets too. For example, it is too close to the active speaker, or any other device that has a large magnetic field.

Because, the magnetic field, can affect the LCD matrix and other components in it.

Computer monitors should not be too close to heat sources. For example a bright incandescent lamp, an iron that is being used, and so forth. This will affect the screen.

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