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4 Items That Should Not Be Stored In The Bathroom Vanity

Cabinets or golden elite deco have become practical storage areas. Especially if it is closed and there is a bulkhead in it so that it can store various toiletries so it is not messy. A good bathroom arrangement, allows homeowners to install bathroom vanities.

Shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothpaste and all kinds of toiletries, we just put it in it. It is important to know that not all items or products may be stored in the cabinet. This is because the damp conditions in the bathroom will damage the material inside or even dangerous for residents of the house.

Make sure you store the items or products below elsewhere. Avoid putting it in bathroom vanities.

Never store pills and medicines in the bathroom, even if the packaging is tightly closed. Heat and humidity can cause the active ingredients of pills and capsules to be damaged. Simply store it in a room table or area that is out of reach of children and not exposed to sunlight. Avoid storing any type of medication in the bathroom. Very dangerous if you take drugs with ingredients that have been damaged.

Bathroom cabinets seem to be the perfect place to store extra razors, but moisture and humidity can cause blades to rust even before use. Storing knives in an airtight plastic bag can help prevent rust, but it would be better stored elsewhere.

Light, heat, and humidity can quickly fade the scent of your favorite perfume. Better to place the bottle in a cool, dry place such as the inside of a drawer, or on a shelf on a dressing table. Never store perfume in the bathroom.

Benzoyl peroxide
Benzoyl peroxide is a common ingredient in products that are formulated to treat acne. This product only works for about three months. If you put it in the bathroom cabinet, it can more quickly damage the active substance. It’s better not to store it or any type of acne medicine in the bathroom.