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This Is How To Calculate A Roof Slope And Width

When you want to determine the slope of the roof, the method used is only two degrees and height. Actually, the two methods are almost similar, but it depends on who you invite to discuss. We recommend you to work with Harrisburg roofers if you only want to get help from the best roofing contractor near your location.

Slope with degree

The slope of a building is usually measured in degrees, for example, a 30-degree slope. An architect or drafter will design the roof this way. Actually, this standard is standard and commonly used.

High slope

How to measure this by determining the height of the roof by determining the height. Usually, the builder uses the method or practice of height measurement.

This method is indeed easier to understand and understand because it is simpler in measurement. How to calculate it is also easy, the roof is made two or three meters higher than the ceiling limit. Very simple right?

If your roof is in the form of cast concrete or not ordinary, then how to calculate it is very easy. If your building area is 15 meters x 10 meters, then how to calculate it by multiplying the two into 150 square meters.

To calculate the area of a gable, there is a formula that can be used. The roof area is calculated in m2 or square meters.

The formula is Roof area = (length x width) / cosine (z). Z is the angle of the roof of the house.

The size of the roof of a house for example 6 meters x 10 meters with overstack 1 meter. The angle of the roof slope is 30 degrees. Then the calculation of the roof area is as follows:

= (6 meters + 2 meters) x (10 meters + 2 meters) / (cosine / cos 30).

= (8 meters x 12 meters) / cos 30

= (96 meters) / 0.83

= 115.6 square meters

Cosine or cosine is a term in mathematics that is the ratio of the sides of a triangle located at an angle to the hypotenuse.

To calculate is a bit complicated especially if you have forgotten about mathematical terms such as cosine, sine, and tangent.