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Luxury Bathroom Design Tricks With Cheap Budget

When planning to design the bathroom of your dreams, of course, many elements must be considered starting from the floor design, color selection, furniture selection, golden elite deco to the budget that must be prepared to build a bathroom that is comfortable, cozy and has good aesthetic value.

Of course, this is to get the best quality toiletries, because bathing has many benefits. Then just to cleanse the body to relieve stress. So having a comfortable bathroom will affect the quality of the bath.

However, for those of you who have high taste, of course, you want to have the look of a luxurious bathroom that still suits your budget. There are 3 tips that can be used to determine your bathroom can look luxurious with minimal budget utilization:

– Limit the use of tiles
To save money, limit the use of tiles to the use of floors and walls in your bathroom. Indeed, the use of tiles as accent decoration can give the impression of a luxurious bathroom, but you do not get hung up on this. Artistic tiles will not only look more real but will save you costs.

This method might be quite effective because you don’t need to remodel to give your bathroom a new look. Paint the entire wall around the window, bathtub, shower-head, sink, mirror, and closet to sit in a color that suits your concept.

– Updating Furniture
Don’t miss out on paying attention to the small details around your luxurious bathroom. Try peeping into bathroom accessories, such as lights, sink faucets, towel racks, and drawers. Maybe some of these items were overlooked. But, what is the effect if updated with new ones? The result can give the impression of a luxurious bathroom without the need to buy expensive equipment.

– Mirror in the Bathroom
With these three methods, you can also get the luxury bathroom touches you dream of. Once you know how to make a luxurious bathroom by renovating with minimal budget equipment and DIY.