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Some Reasons An Employee Is Not Ready To Invest

It turns out that 8 out of 10 employees have not started investing, even though they know the benefits. Investments are vehicles that will help you realize financial goals. In investing, you cannot take hasty steps without calculations and statistics. You may have to understand asymmetric investing so that you can get the maximum benefit from the type of investment you are running Investructor.

Even though there are so many investment products, why aren’t young investors still investing? Here are some reasons that often become a reference for someone, especially young employees not to invest from the beginning.

#Modal capital
The word investment is often compared to rich people and requires large capital. We often even hear people say if their salary is just enough for their daily needs. In fact, whatever amount of salary we have, we can set aside, at least 10% to invest.

# High Risk
Many beginners think that investment is high risk. Is that so?
All investment products have risks and they cannot be minimized or even eliminated. Even if you don’t invest it means you have a high risk. Imagine, if today you have spent all of your salaries, and suddenly you have a car accident, how do you handle it?

There are those who say the investment must be a loss and the money must be lost. The reality is not like that, on the contrary. If you keep your money quiet, then your money will decrease in value (because of inflation).

# There are many additional costs
The investment is complicated because of the many additional costs, this and that. Actually not all investment products have additional costs.
It must be admitted that some investment products charge administrative fees, platform fees, data fees, buying fees, selling fees, taxes, and so on.

But there are also investment products that don’t charge such fees, such as mutual funds. The point is that additional costs are not a reason for you not to invest.

# Money is Locked and Cannot Be Taken
Does every investment lock my money?
The answer is no. There are many investments that you can cash out in the near future. Usually, investment products are paper assets or portfolio assets that can be disbursed in the near future.
1. Mutual funds can be disbursed one day after you buy.
2. Stocks can be sold – bought in units of minutes.
 You need to be very clever in choosing investment products so that your financial goals can be realized.