Feeding Techniques For Your Baby

The more time is developing, the more knowledge is developing. Including the mother’s knowledge in caring for, educating, and feeding children. Especially lately there are many trends and new ways to give the best baby foods to babies. How should you feed the baby for the first time?

Before first feeding your baby, first make sure your baby is ready to receive food other than breast milk? Babies are generally ready to eat other than breast milk if the head can straighten itself and he can sit even though still helped. Babies who are ready to eat will also be seen starting to be interested in seeing people eat and try to take food nearby. Most babies show these signs from the age of 6 months.

Then, how should the mother’s response if the baby is showing signs of being ready to eat? Try feeding your baby food that has a mashed texture, like puree or baby porridge. For the first time, it’s best to feed your baby directly first. Start with crushed food because at this age the baby’s teeth are just growing a little and are just learning to chew. Babies also need time to get to know food. As you get older, change slowly to soft-textured foods or chopped foods. You can feed the first softened baby after 8 months of age.

At this age, you can also start giving babies food that can be grasped or finger foods. Babies can start to be taught to take their own food and feed themselves. Slowly, you can let the baby eat alone, of course, still under your supervision. Be patient and keep trying to make the baby want to eat, but don’t force it. If the baby is not interested in the food, keep things that can interfere with baby eating.

Seeing the baby can eat alone certainly makes mom happy. In addition to easing the mother’s tasks, the independence and intelligence of the baby also increases. However, don’t leave the baby alone when he eats. Keep your baby in mind when eating, what foods he eats, how much food he eats, whether the nutrition and calories he receives from the food he eats is enough. Sometimes, things like this may be missed when the baby is eating alone.

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