Dark Waters, Resistance to Dismantle Corrupt Corporations

Dark Waters is part of a true story as well as a melodrama cliché between large corporations who are ultimately afraid of an ordinary man who is only staff in a law firm. One point of the story that you might find in some films that seem ‘heavy’. However, in fact, the points of this film are as simple as that. Take a point of view of how a lawyer named Robert who initially did not care became very concerned about this issue. Watch this film on

One more highlight of this film is how the story that began the strongest at the end of the 90s is visually well portrayed. Following the complex problems between DuPont and Robert, this film then highlights the important parts one by one.

The ’90s were seen by shooting dark scenes. A style of long-focus which then describes how the conditions in the late ’90s. Gradually, following the original event, the battle between Robert and DuPont was depicted in real.

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