Advantages Of Stock Investment

Investment is indeed better to start from a young age. The term “high-risk high returns” is certainly closely attached to stock investment. Meanwhile, not a few experts who say that stock investment is not suitable for those who are old. That is because of our age, which is more than 50 years old, is judged not productive anymore at work. Is there a relationship between age and whether or not someone is worth investing? The relationship is certainly related to investment vs. income losses. Call it if the market suddenly collapses and makes our funds minus, we might not be agile in the past when it came to making money. But despite this problem, it is okay to invest in stocks at the age of 50 years and over if you understand it fully. To get more knowledge in a stock investment you could subscribe to the stock advisor.

No need to worry about what shares we will buy if we are old. Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs became the richest woman because she inherited the property after her husband died. Laurene Powell Jobs himself has inherited Apple shares worth the US $ 560 million in 2016. The name of the heirs, of course, can be children, wives, or other relatives. If indeed the shares that you inherit are blue chips that have good fundamentals, then, in the long run, the heirs will benefit from the capital gains of these shares. Therefore, start saving in stocks from now on to stock up our grandchildren.

One of the benefits of saving blue-chip shares is getting dividends that are routinely distributed annually. But the dividends and the amount, of course, depend on the performance and company policy, you know. Dividends obtained will be calculated based on the amount of share ownership we hold. Well, imagine if every month from now we routinely buy a lot of these shares. Of course, with a large shareholding, the amount of dividends we can get is also great. If we inherit the shares, then this income can be a provision for the people we leave behind.

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