4 Environmental Criteria Right To Live

Choosing a place to live is easy. However, choosing housing that can make the occupants comfortable is difficult. Many things can affect the comfort of a dwelling, starting from the location, facilities, building design, to environmental conditions. All of these things can be found in one place, that’s on kent ridge hill residences.

Everyone wants to live in a healthy and clean environment. For this reason, the environment becomes one of the important factors that determine whether occupancy is appropriate or not to live in. In order not to be fooled, you must pay attention to the ins and outs of the environment in which you will live. Here are some criteria that can determine the appropriateness of an environment to be used as a place to live.

Safety is one of the main factors that must be considered when choosing a residence. If the environment around your dream dwellings is a lot of theft cases, then think again about the decision. An environment with a high crime rate is certainly not a good environmental criterion to be used as a place to live.

Explore information about criminal history from the environment that you will occupy. You can ask the surrounding neighbors or the security officer about the theft cases that have occurred. Do not forget to crosscheck about criminal events via the internet to get more convincing information.

Habits of the Neighbors
Habits or hobbies of neighbors can also affect the comfort of housing. Choose housing in an environment that matches your character. If you like quietness while your neighbor likes noisy things, this will potentially lead to conflict in the future. Of course, you do not want this to happen right?

Know Traffic Time
Congestion almost happens every time in almost all regions. Even so, traffic jams in one area can be different from other regions. It could be that the streets around your residential neighborhood are affected by severe traffic jams in the morning while at night not. For this reason, you must know whenever a jam will occur. At kent ridge hill residences you don’t need to worry about traffic jams because you can get through it by taking the MRT which you can find by walking for 8 minutes from your condo.

School existence
If you are planning or already have children, the existence of educational institutions around the residence would be an important thing to note. Having a school near a condominium or apartment will make it easier for your child to travel from or to school.

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